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  I have been fascinated by bones, found objects and the natural world since childhood; endlessly bringing home 'cool stuff' I found in the fields around my home. As an adult, my interest and eventual studies in Fine Art and History led me to amassing a considerable collection of skulls, wasps' nests, and various natural objects and curious antiquities from around the world. This, combined with an exploration into the mystical and Divination, led me to a desire to create and share objects of nature and symbol with others.

In 2017, I started Cygnus Art Creative as an umbrella name for all of my artistic pursuits. My Bone creations and Divination sets quickly became popular enough that they needed their own site- Darkly Pretty Things. All of the bones I use are either found, roadkill, or gifted. I do not kill or hunt any of the animal whose remains I use. I see my pieces as creating Beauty from Death, and giving a new and different 'life' that attempts to honour the creature..

Welcome, and I hope you love the dark sparkly magic as much as I do.

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